Dec 07, 2021 Last Updated 5:02 PM, Dec 6, 2021

Message from Fr. Oscar Clavijo about the funeral of Fr. Carlos Domings

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Dear Fr. Stefano Camerlengo, Fr. Dietrich Pendawazima, Fr. Ugo Pozzoli, Fr. Salvador Medina, Fr. Marco Marini and all Consolata Missionaries. 

The funeral of Abba Carlos Matias Domingos took place yesterday, 5 of January, from midday until 2:00 p.m. in Gambo Parish. The Mass was presided by the Bishop of Meki, Msgr. Abraham Desta, accompanied by some 30 priests from the Vicariate of Meki and several congregations like the Comboni Missionaries, the Capuchins, the Lazarists and many Sisters. Almost all our Confreres came for the ceremony, the Consolata Sisters, our seminarians, the pre-novices of the sisters, and so many people from Gambo area.

It was a very heartfelt and solemn celebration; we felt the solidarity of so many people starting from the Cardinal Brehaneyesus, the Nunzio Msgr. Luigi, the Bishop of Meki Abraham Desta who from the first moment of the accident was close to us and personally present in Gambo until the funeral.

There is a very deep grief in all of us for the sudden and unexpected death of our brother Abba Carlos. We still can't believe that it has happened. He was true Consolata missionary: honest, humble,hard working, generous, totally dedicated to the mission. He was a gift from God and God has taken him back.  

We are very grateful to the General Direction and to all our Confreres who have been close to us in this tragic situation and sent their condolences and expressed their solidarity with the Ethiopian Region for the lost of Abba Carlos Matias Domingos.

 Keep us in your prayers.

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